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A great way to explore our coast line is to paddle out at low tide, with our easy to handle Fluid Buddy and Legend Kayaks. For great fun and play within the shore break we recommend our double seater inflatable K2s which are a bit more “forgiving”, particularly if you get knocked out of them…
Or book a trip with us to LingaLinga to explore the quiet waters of Morrumbene Bay by kayak!

Biking on the beach

Explore the endless beach and the coastal forest on wheels. Our single gear “Mozambikes and are great for casually cycling along the shore line. Go in the late afternoon at low tide, when the sand is nice and solid.

Boogie Boarding

Kids as young as three years have been braving the warm water and shore break with our boogie boards of all sizes. With the help of their parents, the little ones can catch the “waves” in knee deep water at low tide, whilst bigger boards are available for older children and adults.

Massages on your private deck

Enjoy a massage from the comfort of your private deck. Our masseuse offers a variety of treatments from a 60min Full Body, 30min Leg & Foot or 90min Exfoliation.
Bookings need to be made one or two days prior as the masseuse lives off-site and serves several lodges.


Our very own “bowman Ben”, a former SA Longbow champion, will introduce you to archery, a great Zen activity at the beach for both adults and kids. We have the right bows for young and old, right or left-handed, ensuring everybody will enjoy the new skill.
All archery is supervised.

Diving, Snorkeling, Ocean Experiences

The coral reefs in the Inhambane area are famous for sightings of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. The area has been earmarked to join the list of Marine World Heritage Sites and we strongly recommend a day or half-day trip for an ocean experience, diving or snorkeling during your stay with us. The water temperature is above 23 degrees all year round and can reach temperatures of 28 degrees early in the year.
Travessia recommends a selection of dive centers and offers to assist with the booking. Guests need to enter into a direct agreement with the selected center. Transfers for the daytrip can be booked with Travessia, if required.

Peri-peri Divers

Bush and Village Walk

A favorite activity among our guests, our bush and village walk, is a casual stroll through the coastal forest, introducing you to customs in the village, special sites like the rare baobab tree or the local bush bakery. Depending on what the locals are busy with on that afternoon, food and Sura tastings may form part of this uncontrived experience.
The walk is for free. Any donations from guests to our “Village Fund” are welcome and will contribute to future projects to the benefit of the community, such as building and maintenance support for the local schools or infrastructure.

Market Visits

Do as the locals and join our team on their shopping trip to Morrumbene, Massinga or Maxixe. Those small town markets usually cater for locals more than for tourists and allow for relaxed browsing. You will find a variety of “capelas”, the colourful printed fabric the women of Mozambique like to wear, as well as beautifully woven baskets, traditional food preparation tools and of course, lots of fruit, veggies and spices.
For a broad selection of curio items we recommend a trip to the market of Inhambane.
Transfer fees may apply. Tours are for free if guests join the Travessia team on their shopping trip to Massinga or Maxixe.

Plan your activities

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