Socially responsible.

The new school library.


Lokal is lekker.

Meet Gina and Carlos!


Skills training.

Solar technical training with students.


Supporting the community.

Cumbana Agricola's new water well.


Powered by the sun.

Travessia's solar farm.


Engaging with the neighbourhood

The language of soccer is universal.


Space for all to chill.

Children welcome.


Authentic, inclusive, sophisticated

Our values and philosophy.


Our focus is on delivering an authentic bush and beach experience that is sustainable, participative and professional. Our guests enjoy an unpretentious and honest atmosphere allowing for a relaxing and real holiday that inspires to explore, dream and discover.


We strive to bring supportive energy and commitment to our guests, the community we are working with and to our environment. Our process of inclusion engages each individual and our ability to make people feel respected and valued is essential to the success of Travessia.


Good quality of accommodation and professional service is important to us. Whilst we recognize the challenges that remote locations such as Travessia bring, we continuously work on developing our staff and improving our offering to ensure our guests experience authentic, laid-back luxury.

What else is important to us?

Community Upliftment

Travessia has been involved in community development programs from the first days of construction. With the support of mainly Dutch friends and family from co-owner Anne Bijma, two water pumps have been established in the neighbouring villages. In conjunction with our previous project manager Zach, we have supported the construction of a library of a school nearby and we are involved in the construction of school benches and tables. Although it may not be considered as “upliftment” in the strictest sense, our Project Manager Ryan’s substituting as a goalie in the local soccer team is highly respected and cheered by the locals and we love to support our village team with their resident Mzungu goalie on a balmy Sunday afternoon.

Renewable Energy

As a remote location and being truly cast-away and off the electrical grid, we have turned necessity into virtue by building our own state of the art Solar Hybrid System from Germany. Our water comes from our own well. We do have a back-up generator but luckily so far, we didn’t have to use if very often. Our set-up is therefore based on energy-saving equipment, which also means, that you won’t find air conditioning or flat screen TVs. There is mostly a light breeze in the evening and our buildings are constructed to allow natural ventilation, and as for the TV entertainment: We are sure you won’t miss it.

Child friendly

It appears as if there is a shortage of lodges that allow children under the age of 12. As the owners of Travessia with small children ourselves, we have heard: “Sorry, but we don’t want to disturb our honeymooners”. Well, we love our honeymooners. And ideally we want them to come back, to show their well-mannered off spring where they went on honeymoon. Even better if they met here before, as happy singles, travelling among like-minded globe trotters. Which is why we are happy to welcome everyone: Singles, couples, families and honeymooners.