On Water

Mozambique sports world class dive sites, with whale sharks, manta rays or dolphins being a common sight off our shores. We gladly organise your snorkelling or diving trip or ocean experience with one of Inhambane’s established dive centres. If you prefer to explore the ocean directly from our beach, there are body boards for kids and adults, an inflatable K2 and a two seater canoe to paddle out and brave the beach break.

On Foot

Walk our endless beach which you only have to share with a handful of local fishermen and occasionally the kids of the neighbouring villages. We happily provide you with a beach picnic. Find the enormous Baobab hidden in the sea of palm trees surrounding our terrain. Pay a visit to our neighbours for the Sunday soccer match or just to say hello and possibly score an invite to their small but creatively decorated and furnished houses, most of them made of woven palm fronds.

On Wheels

Join us on one of our weekly shopping trips to Maxixe and browse the maze of the local market. You are unlikely to meet another tourist here. If you are interested in the broader neighbourhood, we also gladly take you on a tour through the communities and introduce you to some of the projects we are involved in.
We also recommend a day trip to the city of Inhambane, which is just 20 minutes by ferry across the lagoon from Maxixe. This in itself is an experience.